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     Howdy.  After spending six months in Belize in the early 90s, I began taking Embry-Riddle students on summer programs to Belize and Guatemala in the mid 90s. Then Volusia County (Florida) became involved with a sister city in the Yucatan, and I led the tours to the Maya sites there.  
      This year I have some fine tours planned for you. We have tours to Costa Rica with or without including the Panama Canal, and another to the Panama Canal/Machu Picchu (and Lima and Cusco) with an extension to the Amazon.
        Check out the videos on the tour of the Canal, Machu Picchu, and Costa Rica.
         Look over the testimonials below. Then call me at 386 314 0745.
         Since I retired, I have cruised or traveled the Caribbean, Asia, Africa, and Europe. This tour of the Canal, Machu Picchu, and the Amazon was among the best, perhaps the very best.  Roland Query, Nebraska farmer, retired.

     Three bucket list destinations all in one tour! Incredibly cheap prices! What a deal!   Mae Lamberson, Denver area teacher, retired.

      I had never been out of the country before. Had to get a passport. And we went to three very foreign areas. I felt incredibly comfortable and at my ease the whole time. What a wonderful tour to the Panama Canal, Machu Picchu, and Amazonia.  Karen Trible, Kansas nurse, retired.

       Lily and I have traveled with Steve's Tours to Panama/Peru, Costa Rica and Mexico. They are reasonably priced and good. What more is there to say?  Norman Hastings, McLean, VA

     Fantastic Tour. Steve Glassman Tours plan a great mix of activities. It is not to be missed.  Harriet Anderson, Ormond Beach FL.

     Unique to your tour was your local knowledge, ability to navigate Latin American culture, your knowledge of the region's history, your ability to interpret for us the seven Mayan pyramids and archeological sites, and the fact that you are author of two books on the subject,  Duncan Haynes,  Coconut Grove, FL.

     Steve Glassman Tours’ Panama/Peru tour was my first organized tour. The group was small yet diverse making for good company. The accommodations were pleasant and the transfers went smoothly. I give Steve's Tours a thumbs up. Deborah Hastings, Connecticut.

     Bonita and I have twice traveled to Mexico with Steve and now we will go to Panama and Peru.  Leo and Bonita Oliva, Stockton, Kansas.
     I have traveled with Steve’s Tours to Mexico and through the Panama Canal and to Machu Picchu. Great tours both of them. Mary Kelly, Glascow, Scotland.


We have traveled with Steve's Tours to both Costa Rica and the Yucatan, and were greatly pleased both times.  Kevin McCarthy, Gainesville FL.


 “I have gone on four Steve’s Tours. I expect to go on others,” Jim Woodward, Ormond Beach, FL.

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